AIU Atlanta Outcomes

Dedicated to the success of its students, AIU Atlanta is proud of the outcomes that its students and graduates have achieved.

To get the most from their studies and activities at the campus, students at AIU Atlanta can attend classes in classrooms designed with their needs in mind. AIU Atlanta provides students with an industry-current forensics lab; a virtual firearms training simulator (FATS) lab; drawing studio, dedicated math, science and writing labs; and well-appointed studios for Fashion Design, Media Production, Visual Communication, and Interior Design. The campus is vibrant and supportive as evidenced by its student facilities such as the Student Success Center, Learning Center, and Students' Design Gallery.

AIU students receive faculty guidance, in-depth and hands-on training, and a supportive campus environment. Over 9,000 AIU Atlanta graduates have experienced the campus’s student-centered offerings.

Student Satisfaction

Every year, AIU evaluates students’ satisfaction with various aspects of the University, including their interactions with the student services departments.

Chart: AIU Atlanta Student Survey

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Alumni Career Paths

Career preparation is a major focus of the AIU mission, and a key part of the classroom experience. We survey employers of AIU graduates annually, and these employers often agree that our students are prepared and effective in the workplace.

Chart: AIU Employer Survey

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