• Image: AIU Graduate Ana Carolina Lanuza

    Ana Carolina Lanuza

    Ana Carolina Lanuza, our 2013 Distinguished Alumni Award recipient, is the owner of Leverage Investigations, Inc., and has earned a total of three degrees from AIU.

  • Felipe

    Felipe Aguiar

    Felipe Aguiar, our 2012 Distinguished Alumni Award recipient, maintains well over a decade’s worth of strategic planning experience in the areas of marketing, brand development, business management, advertisement, public relations and communications, and more.

  • Image: AIU Graduate Jennifer Iversen

    Jennifer Iversen

    American InterContinental University (AIU) Online is proud to announce that Jennifer Iversen was named the latest recipient of the AIU Distinguished Alumnus Award at the Fall 2011 graduation ceremony at Navy Pier in Chicago, Illinois.

  • Image: AIU Graduate Christine Van Wieren

    Christine Van Wieren

    "Christine is a perfect example for our online student population," said Betsy Balachandran, director of career services for AIU Online and a member of the selection committee. "She was selected by our university leadership team because she has a strong commitment to education and after applying her degree to her career."

  • Image: AIU Graduate Debra Presley

    Debra Presley

    When asked what makes her situation "unique," Debra had this response: "I have difficulty saying that my situation is 'unique' because that may sound as though I believe that the challenges and barriers others face are less important than my own."

  • Image: AIU Graduate Michelle Bartlett

    Michelle Bartlett

    May, Michelle Bartlett was flown to Chicago to receive AIU Online's fourth Distinguished Alumni Award. A panel of judges selected her based on her community involvement, academic and professional achievements and dedication to education. She has co-founded a company and is months away from earning her Ph.D.!

  • Image: AIU Graduate Derrick M.

    Derrick M

    AIU Online's third Distinguished Alumni Award winner had his pick of jobs around the country before even graduating with his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communication with a concentration in Digital Design.

  • Image: AIU Graduate Derrick M.

    Martha Pena

    "I wanted to be able to open my own doors and have a career rather than a series of jobs. I knew a college education was the way to get there. I figured that with a college degree and the work ethic my parents gave me, I'd be set."

  • No Image Available

    Beverly Harris

    "After I earned my Master's degree, I was finally promoted to a Vice President position at the organization where I have worked for seven years. I also was appointed to the Board of Directors and became Vice President of Special Programs. I even had the opportunity to hire an AIU graduate! AIU Online has not only made it possible for me to achieve my educational and career goals but also has helped me gain more respect professionally."