Moving Your Career Forward

We know that AIU students and alumni want to be in control of their career growth. However, this can be easier said than done. Sometimes even the most motivated and driven professionals aren't sure how to take that next step, especially in a competitive marketplace.

Below are a few tactical items that may facilitate career growth.


Becoming a member of a local chapter of a national organization relevant to your industry provides you with access to a network of individuals that also practice in your field. Joining an organization may also lead to events, seminars and knowledge sharing opportunities.


Many companies today offer development programs to further grow and train their employees. Development programs may range from professional coaching to cross-training.  If you are unsure of the opportunities offered at your company, contact your HR department to learn more.


Attending webcasts, seminars and conventions may offer additional knowledge sharing between individuals in the same field as well as opportunities to learn more about other industries you may be interested in. To learn more, research industry influences and organizations that may offer these type of resources.


Continuing your education with a graduate-level degree or a professional certificate may also support continued career success. When considering returning to school, look for programs that are focused on industry relevant coursework taught by professors who have real-world experience and knowledge in their field of study. If you are planning to attend school while working you may want to consider an online program, which may offer more flexibility than a traditional program.