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AIU Houston Hosts 3rd Annual Women's Employment Summit

On Thursday, April 5th, American InterContinental University (AIU) Houston hosted the 3rd Annual Women's Employment summit on campus. This year, the summit focused on the topic "Entrepreneurship: Success and Failures," and included several prominent panel members from the Houston business community. Panel members discussed their experiences as entrepreneurs, including both the successes they have achieved as well as the failures they have had to endure to get where they are today.

Panelists (pictured above, left to right):

  • Frederick Richards, Campus Director of Career Services, AIU Houston
  • Debbie Adams, Owner/Operator McDonald’s Restaurant
  • Jennifer Lynn Dean, President & Chief Executive Officer Dean’s Professional Services
  • Roger Harris, External Affairs Manager for the City of Houston Mayor’s Office of Business Opportunity
  • Donna Fujimoto Cole, CEO & President Cole Chemical
  • Sue Burnett, Founder & President Burnett Staffing Specialist
  • Cheryl Creuzot, President & Chief Executive Officer Wealth Development Strategies L.P.
  • Jeannie Bollinger, President & Chief Executive Officer West Chamber of Commerce
  • Steve Malutich, President, AIU Houston

After an informal breakfast, AIU Houston President Steve Malutich gave his opening remarks, followed by the keynote panel discussion, a presentation on how to develop a business, and a Q & A session for audience members to seek answers and advice from the panel members.

"Most exciting were the women on the panel who’ve been through or worked with all of the stages of entrepreneurship. They were willing to share their successes and the obstacles that they overcame to achieve excellence in their chosen fields so that the attendees could learn from their experiences." - Frederick Richards, campus Director of Career Services.

See more photos from the event on the AIU Facebook Page.

AIU Houston would like to thank our panelists and guests for making this year's summit such a success.

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