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AIU Serious Talk: Experience Versus Education

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Whether you have a job now and want to advance or are looking for a new job, consider the combination of education and experience as your best "moving forward" assets. Your education can bring employers specialized skills they need now in order to compete and grow in today's very competitive economy. Your experience has its own value representing your unique personal knowledge and history. This potent combination is what many employers are looking for today and can benefit your job search.

Watch: Experience Versus Education in your Job Search

College degrees in today's fast-paced competitive economy are critical for one's success, whether it's a Bachelor's degree in business or Master of Business Administration (MBA). Thanks to the rise of the internet, people from all different backgrounds and situations can successfully pursue an online business degree. Additionally, an online education is often flexible and can be tailored to each individual's life and lifestyle. You make the choices. You set the pace.

Education has always made a difference. It helps gives job contenders the edge with the skills, knowledge, abilities, and training which can help them stand apart from the competition during their job search. Armed with an online business degree, people are pursuing positions all across the business spectrum, be it in project management, accounting, finance, business administration and more. A combination of experience and education is what today's job seekers need to stand out from the crowd.

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