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AIU Student Advisor Sakou Locke Wins Dream Wedding

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Sakou Locke and his fiance' April found out this week that one of their dreams has come true. After a long voting battle on Facebook against several other couples, the soon-to-be newlyweds have won a dream wedding from Windy City Live, a Chicago-area talk show on the local ABC 7 affiliate station.

Sakou serves as a Student Advisor at American InterContinental University and enlisted his friends, family, and co-workers at AIU to vote for the couple as often as possible to increase their chances of winning.

But there's a twist to being chosen to receive such a spectacular wedding: the couple will be married live in the Windy City Live show studoio in less than two months, and every detail of their ceremony, from the dress to tuxedos to decor, will be chosen by the show's viewers. The reception will be held in the new ballroom at The Peninsula Chicago.

Congratulations, Sakou and April!

What would your dream wedding be like?