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5 Reasons to Join AIU’s Serious Advantage Career Series

Image: the AIU Serious Advantage Series for Career Development

Are you looking for guidance within your career search? Have you been trying to figure out how to market yourself as a candidate in a highly-competitive job market? Below are five reasons why you should join the AIU Serious Advantage Career Series to learn how to plan and manage your career:

  1. Gain well-rounded knowledge of how to get your career started: The AIU Career Services department offers a four-course career development program dedicated to helping students achieve success in their career goals. The courses walk students through each phase of their career search, including career planning and self-assessment, building an effective brand, conducting employer research, strategies for networking toward desired employers, and maintaining continued career development.
  2. Receive personalized career development coaching: This program includes the opportunity to receive one-on-one coaching from career coaches who can help you reflect on previous and current employment and create a new career path.
  3. Get important feedback from industry specialists: You will have the opportunity to gain insight on what employers are looking for. Learn how to market yourself based on their wants and needs. Inside information is always helpful, so why not utilize it when it comes to your career search?

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  1. Access enhanced networking opportunities: You will be given direction on how to Identify and contact a mentor. This mentor could be someone you already know or someone would like to meet - someone currently working in your industry of choice and who could help guide you through the steps needed to pursue your career goals! Take this opportunity to open a new door for yourself and truly explore “who you know” and increase your chances of finding employment through networking.
  2. Work one-on-one with industry leaders, career coaches and hiring managers: The program includes guest presentations by experienced professionals, as well as tasks designed to help participants in their career searches, such as conducting an informational interview with someone holding a title you would like to pursue, and reaching out to potential mentors who can help you in your career path.

If you’re interested in signing up for AIU’s Serious Advantage Career Series, or for more career advice, please contact the AIU Career Services Department at 877-221-5800 Option 5 or at