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AIU Online Announces New eBook Reader

AIU Online - Coursesmart eBooks

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Starting with the August 20th session, all AIU Online eBooks will be available in the CourseSmart eBook reader, providing a new and improved reading experience. Want to highlight portions of your eBook? Go ahead! Want to bookmark a page or write in notes? Go for it!

Additionally, AIU Online eBooks will now be available to read on a variety of devices. Certain mobile devices, such as the iPad, Android tablets and smart phones using the Apple and Android operating systems, are supported via free apps that can be downloaded from the iTunes store or Google Marketplace. Although the Kindle Fire and Nook devices do not have native apps for CourseSmart at this time, the CourseSmart eReader can be launched on these devices in any of the supported web browsers (Safari, Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer). E-Books can be viewed on the CourseSmart eReader on both PC and Mac laptops.

To learn more, click the following links to watch the AIU training video and the CourseSmart video on YouTube:  

Student feedback and suggestions about eBook reading were taken seriously, and they were used to improve the eBook reading experience. These enhancements and new capabilities are brought to students by CourseSmart, AIU Online's eBook provider.

All trademarks copyright their respective owners.