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How Do I Get a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing?

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Every day that people spend watching television, driving their cars, and reading newspapers exposes them to the field of marketing. Commercials, billboards, and print advertisements are all different forms of marketing designed to get consumers buying certain products. Those who think they are cut out for a career in marketing will need to know the educational requirements before knocking on the doors of marketing departments and companies.

Holding a degree is one of the ways that a person could advance their qualifications for a job in the marketing career field. While an Associate’s degree may open the door to entry level positions in marketing, a Bachelor’s degree in marketing is a good way for individuals to receive relevant training they need in the field of marking.

Online vs. On-campus

Traditionally, students have had but one choice when it comes to earning a college degree. Most were left with no choice but to attend a four-year institution with coursework based in classrooms. Increasingly however, online programs are cropping up that offer students a chance to complete degree programs without ever setting foot in a classroom. Bachelor of Marketing programs are available both on-campus and online, and deciding between the two falls on each individual.

Individuals who are transitioning from another career to marketing might find online programs more useful. Online degree programs can often be completed at the pace that best suits the student and would not require leaving a job in order to be completed. First time students with no need to rush their education can take the time to complete a traditional on campus degree program.


Unlike many other career fields, a role in marketing requires that individuals have the right personality traits. Students considering a Bachelor’s degree in marketing should be able to keep a sharp focus on details and handle processing large amounts of data. But computer and analytical smarts are not the only requirements. Marketers should not only be able to analyze data, they need to possess the communication skills to present that data to others (

Courses to Complete

In order to earn a Bachelor’s degree in marketing students will need to complete a variety of courses based in traditional scientific fields as well as social sciences. In addition to typical courses such as marketing, research methods, and statistics, students will need to complete courses in psychology, sociology, and economics. It is important for marketing employees to be able to analyze data and understand what drives consumers to make purchasing decisions (

Students can expect to complete a Bachelor’s program in marketing in as little as three years or as much as five years, but program lengths vary. How long it takes will depend on the individual and the institution they choose to attend. Undergraduate students can learn valuable skills before graduating with a Bachelor’s degree by completing an internship, volunteering, or participating in student organizations during the course of their studies. These opportunities can give students a chance to test their knowledge and abilities in the real world before locating their first job and can reflect well on a resume in the future.