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3 Techniques to Improve Your Use of Accessories

You know accessories are essential to fashion, but do you know how to use them to reach your fashion potential? Use these three techniques to pull your ensembles together in a way only accessories can:

Look for Stand-outs

There’s a place for standing the spotlight, and your fashion sense is that place. Use accessories to bring attention to your otherwise mainstream outfit. A patterned scarf, colored tights, or the perfect pair of bold shoes might be what you need to make your look your own. If your outfit is already attention-grabbing, though, consider some plain accessories to avoid creating distractions.

Change it Up

Many accessories can be worn year-round, but only if you’re willing to change the way you wear them. Research scarf-wrapping techniques so you can transition from season to season with new ways to incorporate your favorite scarves. When it comes to jewelry, find simple outfits with which you can wear multiple pieces of jewelry. Only wear one piece of jewelry at a time with your more complex outfits.

Create Combos

When it comes to accessorizing, it’s essential to know when you should make combinations and when you should keep it simple. If the foundational clothing pieces in your outfit are simple, you know it’s safe to make accessory combos. You can also combine accessories if you only use one of each type. For example, if you’re wearing only one piece of jewelry, it’s probably safe to add a belt or scarf to the outfit, too. An accessory combo could be the addition that ties your look together.

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