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Do You Want a Master's with That?

Do You Want a Masters Degree with That?Most of us are familiar with the ubiquitous term, “Do you want fries with that?” Naturally, it’s a reference to a culture well assimilated to the lingo of fast food. It seems this line of thinking may become applicable to the world of academia, too.

It may not be entirely out of the question to eventually hear, “Do you want a master’s with your bachelor’s?” Some higher learning institutions are now offering alternatives to the traditional four-year/two-year timetable that we’ve grown accustomed to. With more students seeking master’s degrees and the job market growing increasingly competitive, adding a master’s to your bachelor’s may not be a bad idea.

To make this possible, institutions like the University of Virginia may make it possible for students to compress their bachelor’s and master’s studies into an intensive four-year stint.

Does this devalue the idea of a master’s degree? That has yet to be seen. For now, many committed students have shown that finishing a bachelor’s degree in three years is entirely possible. Students who enter universities as undergrads who already have a firm idea of what they’d like to pursue in graduate school may soon be able to get a very early jump on it, incorporating elements of master’s work into the bachelor’s programs.

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