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AIU London Celebrates Chinese New Year

Contributing Authors: Christina Bowers, Kimberley Kante

In an effort to celebrate diversity on campus, AIU London continued its international events this Winter term with a fun-filled Chinese New Year celebration on February 6. This event follows AIU London’s Diwali and Thanksgiving celebrations last term.

Students and staff tucked into complimentary Char Sui and Vegetable dim sum from London’s Ping Pong restaurant, along with fortune cookies and refreshing samples of ginger and lychee ice tea. Ping Pong offers staff and students a 20% discount at their Paddington Street restaurant, which is located around the corner from the campus.

Information was provided to students about where to celebrate Chinese New Year in London. With 2013 being the year of the snake, there was an air of good fortune in the student lounge as everyone enjoyed the festivities (“snake years tend to bring unexpected transformations”*).

AIU London students, staff, and faculty are encouraged to email the AIU London Student Council if they would like to celebrate an event from their country.

* Dempsey, S. (2013). Chinese New Year Horoscopes: Year of the Snake. Huffpost Healthy Living. Retrieved from