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Don't Play the Waiting Game: 3 Job Search Tips to Remember

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If you have been looking for a new job, you may have heard about how important it is to be proactive in your search. However, just like with many other life challenges, it can be easy to become stagnant in your job hunt. No matter how tempting, don't fall victim to the waiting game! Be sure to keep the following tips in mind while you are searching.

1. Don't wait for the job to come to you.

This may sound obvious, but many job hunters who search the same online job board again and again but never follow up with employers and never network still wonder why they haven't landed that perfect job. While it is not productive to obsess over finding a job, you can't expect the job to come to you either. In today's competitive market, do not expect to find a job sitting behind a computer all day – the more connections you make through networking, informational interviewing, and attending career fairs, the better the chance of finding employment!

2. Don't assume you are going to get hired because you had an interview that went well.

Sure, you want to remain positive and feel confident that you made a great impression – however, the employer could have interviewed five other candidates who made a great impression, too. Interviewing can be stressful – especially if you had to meet with a number of people and send a bunch of different thank you notes! – and you may need to take some time to breathe when it's all over. But if you were told they were going to be making their decision within a week and you haven't heard back from them even after leaving a follow-up message, keep plugging away with your job search efforts. If you've been waiting around for them to offer you the position and you get a rejection letter a month after your interview, that's a whole month's worth of work you just lost toward securing employment.

3. Don't assume you are going to get hired because you know someone who works for the company.

Once again, you certainly want to remain positive – and networking is definitely one of the best ways to find a position – but don't cut back on your job search efforts because you are "waiting to see what happens." Just because you know someone at the company does not mean that he has any influence over the hiring process; even if he does, it does not mean that there are any positions available that match your qualifications and interests. Stay proactive in your job hunt and avoid slipping into stagnation!

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