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Atlanta AIU Cares Teams Raise Funds for Causes in 2011

The AIU Cares team from AIU Atlanta had a very busy 2011. Supporting multiple causes, including Shoes for Africa, the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure and 3-Day for the Cure, the team raised a total of $10,904, collected shoes, and donated time for volunteer service at a number of events.

Details include:

  • The Race for the Cure Team raised $2,320 in May
  • The 3-Day for the Cure Team raised $8,464 in October, in addition to collecting 43 pairs of tennis shoes donated to Shoes for Africa. project.
  • The AIU Atlanta campus hosted 4 Susan G. Komen 3-Day Getting Started meetings.
  • An Atlanta AIU Cares Team member served on the Crew for the Arizona 3-Day in November, raising $120 in support, and providing four days of volunteer service for the Cure.

AIU Atlanta - AIU Cares Team Supports Susan G Komen for the Cure and Shoes for Africa in 2011.

Our commitment in 2012 will be even stronger!

The AIU Atlanta campus will host 14 Susan G. Komen 3-Day Getting Started meetings in 2012. The event teams are already forming, and everyone in the Atlanta area is welcome to join:

Want to find out what all the excitement is about? Visit the next Getting Started meeting and get a $35 discount off your registration fee: