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Looking for a Job? Here are a Few Ways to Stand Out

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No matter your station – young, old or anything in between – finding work today is difficult. Besides persistence, resilience and a thick skin, finding a job requires creativity in the search process. Here’s a few ways that a person can help themselves become noticed:

  • Be your own PR agent – A good way to get a handle on your own skills is to ask those who know. Talk to teachers, former employers, family and friends so you can create a list of what you do best, and then market yourself!
  • Don’t limit yourself to searching for jobs online – On the surface, it seems like the easiest way to find work is by looking on the Internet. In reality, most available jobs are not posted online. People like to hire who they know and can trust, so network vigilantly to get the word out that you’re available and the right person for the job.
  • Make personal business cards – Handing out professional quality cards with your contact information can show that you’re a go-getter and highly organized.
  • Know your strengths and weaknesses – Entry-level job seekers are everywhere. Be ready to talk about your hard skills and competencies with specific examples from school or former employers.