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Professional Opportunities for Business Finance Students

Professional Opportunities for Business Finance Students Wondering what you could do with a business finance degree? Business finance students are highly valued in today's corporate world. With a business degree and finance concentration, young professionals can be prepared to practice statistical analysis, technological methods, mathematics, and ethics of business in one of the following places:

  • Brokerage firms
  • Corporations
  • Insurance companies
  • Banks
  • Mutual fund companies

While management level opportunities usually require a master’s degree in finance, learn about the many opportunities for business bachelor's degree program graduates:

Financial Analyst

One of the most popular positions for business finance students, financial analysts work primarily with a company’s financial earnings statements. They analyze performance, state of being, and potential investment values for a company. Financial analysis usually consists of two parts: buying and selling. Analysts are involved with the buying side by advising companies when to make investments, and they advise the sell side by giving recommendations for stock decisions.

Financial Adviser/Planner

Similar to the financial analyst, a financial adviser helps clients make finance-related decisions. They are highly involved with big picture financial plans, advising companies or people how to create retirement plans, pay off debt, make investments, and budget. Financial planners can focus their work to one industry, such as insurance, over time. Their main goal is to consider all aspects of a client's finances and offer advice on decision-making accordingly.


Rather than analyze the companies for which they work, underwriters asses the eligibility of a company's potential clients. They apply their risk management knowledge to determine if a client’s financial background is a good match for receiving a company's services and products. Products usually take the form of bank loans or insurance, but an underwriter can be used in any industry.

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