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What Can a Bachelor’s in IT Do to Help Your Career?

There are a number of factors that go in to every decision that college students face. When it comes to the biggest decision for college students, choosing a degree program, there are multiple factors that need to be considered. One of the most important factors for an individual to consider before investing time and money into a degree is the value it brings in the end. What can that degree do for your career?

Those earning a Bachelor’s in Information Technology can pursue an exciting career upon graduation. There are more benefits offered beyond job positions alone that make a Bachelor’s in IT beneficial for an individual’s career.

Exciting Career Options

There is nothing worse than landing in a career field that bores those working in that field day in and day out. Bachelor’s in IT graduates don’t have to settle for boredom in their career as Yahoo! Education recently ranked the position of Cyber Security Worker as one of the top five jobs offering excitement and higher earning potential.

Yahoo! Education also notes that Cyber Security Workers often work on an on-call basis and must be ready to respond to security breaches in computer systems quickly. As computers become more prevalent among businesses, and hacking becomes a greater issue, Cyber Security Workers are finding more and more excitement in their careers.

Career Flexibility

The “cloud” has become the hottest term in Information Technology in a very short amount of time. Cloud computing allows files and applications to be shared over the Internet and has made it much easier for employees to take control of their lives and work from home all the time or whenever necessary.

IT professionals often enjoy a great deal of flexibility in their work schedule and according to Yahoo! Education, working in Web & Software Development is one of the top five flexible career fields available. This job can often be performed with little more than a laptop and an Internet connection. The best way to prepare for this field is with a Bachelor’s in IT focused in the areas of programming, software, network administration, and database technology.

Multiple Paths

Not every degree offered by colleges and universities across America can promise access to a variety of career fields. Some are very focused in terms of the career options they will provide graduates, others offer the opposite. A Bachelor’s in IT offers graduates the opportunity to land in a number of different careers.

According to Yahoo! Education, a Bachelor’s in IT can help lead graduates to a number of different career fields after graduation. With this one degree, graduates should be prepared to work in roles ranging from computer programmers and software developers to computer systems analysts.

In the end, there are numerous ways in which a Bachelor’s in IT can help an individual’s career. It is important to keep in mind however that not everyone will experience the same success. The abilities of the individual and the strength of the program offering the degree will all play into the long term success of graduates.