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AIU Students Share Their Top 10 Tips to Help You Succeed in Your 1st AIU Class

Image: success in first AIU class

Recently, we asked our AIU community to don their guidance counselor hats and share their top tips for new students on how to succeed in their first AIU class, and they came through in spades! Drawing on their valuable firsthand experience, our students and alumni offered a rich stockpile of advice on everything from go-to resources to organization and time management. We handpicked their top pieces of wisdom to share below, but if you're interested in seeing their fantastic feedback, find it here:

  1. Take notes, attend class, set a schedule and follow it, don't wait for the last minute to do your assignments, and remember your professors, student advisers, and classmates are there to help you....don't be afraid to ask for help! – Lori Ann O.
  2. Be prepared! Read and study the material then come to class and be a part of the discussion. Your professors WANT and NEED you to take ownership over your academic success. You can do it! – Bonnie O.
  3. The best way to succeed in your first AIU class is to manage your time. Keep in mind that you are about to embark upon a new venture that YOU and only YOU will be the only person that will understand how important it is to YOUR future. You should still enjoy having fun but, study time and homework should always come FIRST! If you develop this habit with your first class it will carry over and become routine. – Jojeaux J.
  4. Get familiar with all your tools and resources plus develop good time management skills! Stay focused and determined! – Carrie D.
  5. Proofread your work! Pay attention to your writing and answer each question exactly for your papers. – Jessica T.
  6. Buy note cards and take notes early in each unit week. Participate in weekly chats to understand expectations provided by the instructor. Use your IM tool to get feedback from peers in the classroom. Read content in class books. The instructors specify chapters that give useful information directed toward each assignment. Most importantly, reward your achievements at least at the end of each term. Stay encouraged, you can get ahead. – Keyona K.
  7. Invest the time, read every word, participate to the fullest! It will all be worth it in the end! I loved my AIU experience! - Cathy M.
  8. Read all information regarding the course such as course overview as well as assignment details to ensure you are covering all expected criteria of course and assignments. – April C.
  9. Get organized, your space and your time. Create a schedule and list all your deliverables for the week. Mark down when you will read, research start to draft and then edit your assignments/communicate for clarification during the week and stick to this discipline throughout. It will help organize your obligations towards higher learning to set you up for continued success. Remember to ask questions if you need to. Keep your learning space neat, organized and free of distractions and always believe in yourself, that you WILL achieve your goal through hard work, an open mind and the will to push yourself in ways you never imagined! You will find that you have so much to offer and this world is waiting for you to accomplish greater things! You will get out of your education what you choose to put into it. I did, and so can you. – Era R.
  10. Be prepared, set up files for each course on your desktop, download all assignments, attend chats, take notes, read, ask questions, stay focused, put your school work before fun, and believe you can do it. What's the takeaway from this? As a new AIU student, it IS possible juggle a career and busy lifestyle while earning your degree. It's about working hard, staying focused and most importantly, believing in yourself. – Jo-Ann S.

Thanks again to our AIU students and alumni for your words of wisdom. And best of luck to our new students with your journey toward building a better future. Now make it happen!

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