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Improve Study Habits

Are you looking for ways to improve your study habits? Knowing your intelligence type can help improve your studying. Follow these tips to identify your intelligence type and improve your study habits accordingly.

Are you good at talking and understanding others’ verbal communication? You could fall into the Linguistic Intelligence category. Try reading aloud to yourself or recording a lecture and listening to it again when studying outside of class.

Do you like to reason your way to understanding something? This type of intelligence is called Logical/Mathematical Intelligence. Ask questions in class if something doesn’t make sense, and study whole processes rather than only inputs and outcomes to improve your study habits.

Are you sensitive to nature and interested in living things? You might be in the Naturalist Intelligence group. Consider pursuing your interest more by studying food, plants, or the natural sciences.

When learning, do you relate the subject spatially to the world? People with Spatial Intelligence are able to picture and relate physical arrangements. To improve your study habits, try drawing diagrams in your notes or arranging words as physical objects in the world.

Do you always have a song stuck in your head? You might use Musical Intelligence. You can improve your study skills by setting your class notes to a melody. Memorize your new song to help your knowledge of the subject.

Do you always raise your hand to ask questions in class? People who learn by posing questions use Existential Intelligence. If you want to improve your study skills, use your questions to your advantage; asking questions in class and by yourself can help you understand and think further on the subjects you are learning.

Are you skilled in athletics? Do you enjoy acting? Like others who use their whole body to learn, you could be using Bodily/Kinesthetic Intelligence. You could improve your studies by acting out processes you learn or completing hands-on learning activities.

Do you have a clear idea of your own likes and dislikes? If you know yourself well, you might fall into the Intrapersonal Intelligence group. To improve your study habits, relate your studies to your personal interests and reactions to things.

Do you have a deep understanding of and sensitivity toward other people? You could use Interpersonal Intelligence. Create a lesson plan for someone else or try to teach a classmate about your topic to help your study habits.

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