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Using Press Releases in Business

You want your business to be covered in the news, and you’ve heard that press releases are a good way to get your name out there. But when is the right time and occasion to write a press release?


Newsworthiness is the key to successful press releases. Because journalists receive press releases often, they only pay attention to the most important ones. Use the exciting events in your business as a clue for when to write press releases. Maybe something has happened to expand your company and allow you to hire more people, or you’re selling a unique new product. Use these types of events as opportunities to gain public attention for your company.


When the appropriate time comes for a press release, make sure you are timely in writing it. When do you want your audience to get the information? Remember to allow time for the media to read and redistribute the news in your press release. Get the news out there as soon as possible. Otherwise, it won’t be news anymore.

Journalistic Style

Gather all of the important facts for the press release, and consider what is important to your target audience. What does your audience care about and need to know? When you’ve compiled all of your facts and planned your article, start writing as soon as possible. This allows time for edits, and it makes the story more timely and newsworthy. Include the important facts close to the top of the article so it catches the media’s attention and follows journalistic style.

Appropriate Media

Once you’ve written your article, send it to the appropriate media outlets. Some journalists won’t be interested in your story, so make sure you give it to relevant media. Remember, if you use the important events in your business to write press releases, you can be more likely to catch the attention of the media. Once this happens, your news and name can be distributed by the media without the hassle of distributing it all yourself.

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