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Who Military Students Should Follow on Twitter

Whether taking classes during active duty or returning to their studies as veterans of the United States Armed Forces, military students have a unique set of needs and challenges. It is important that these students have access to the best resources to help them excel and achieve their academic goals.

Thanks to the Internet, today’s military students have almost instant access to a vast assortment of resources. Twitter, for instance, is more than a social media tool to keep in touch with friends and follow favorite celebrities. There are many people and organizations that utilize Twitter to share important information, knowledge and resources for a vast assortment of groups. There are also many Twitter accounts created to assist military and veteran students make their way through higher education.


The Army ROTC’s Twitter feed provides news and information for students attending school through the ROTC program. This account focuses on the achievements of military men and women who have been through the program previously.

GI Bill Magazine

The GI Bill Magazine is an online publication aimed at service men and women, veterans, and dependents who want to further their education. Its Twitter account tracks the constant evolution of the U.S. GI Bill.

U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs

From its Twitter account, the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs offers wide-ranging information and news concerning veteran issues in America. Aside from posts dedicated to education, it also offers information on searching for a career, veteran-related legislation, and current military news.

In addition to these Twitter accounts, there are many others that military students should follow. For instance, there may be local, on-campus veteran or military student associations that utilize Twitter for communication. Also, individual military students can use Twitter to share personal experiences with one another.