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Why You Should Consider Adaptive Learning

adaptive learning

In today's era of modernization and advanced technology, it's inevitable that these innovations would touch the world of education. For decades, researchers and educators have studied learning behavior to improve the efficiency of knowledge transfer, with each innovation transforming learning and learners' experiences. It only makes sense that the world of technology would play a vital role in these shifts. In the realm of education technology, adaptive learning is the buzz! But what exactly is this type of learning, and why should that matter to you?

An Adaptive Learning Definition

Adaptive learning is the process of acquiring knowledge using technology that adapts content and learning materials to the individual needs of a learner. Based on responses to assessments and interactive activities, sophisticated adaptive technology adjusts educational material to meet the needs of an individual learner. In other words, it makes learning more intentional, personalized and efficient for you!

In our modern, fast-paced environment, juggling multiple duties and managing schedules, every minute counts. With the responsibilities of a job, family, and other obligations, the time you spend on schoolwork needs to be intentional and specific to your learning needs. Adaptive technology assesses your knowledge and adjusts content so that you don't have to spend time re-learning what you already know; instead, you can focus only on what you need to learn.

This not only makes your learning experience more efficient, but it puts your brain in control. The technology transforms learning so that lesson material is delivered directly to you, for you, and adjusts to your learning needs.

Let's consider how your unique way of learning. Adaptive learning also modifies material to suit how you learn. Unlike reading a chapter in a book over and over to acquire knowledge, it adjusts content delivery in a variety of ways (visual, audio, interactive, and more) to make learning multi-dimensional.

Instructor Partnerships

Let's address it from another perspective. Not only does this technology improve the efficiency of learning, it also improves the efficiency of instruction. With reports on your knowledge minute by minute, your instructor is better able to identify your learning opportunities, making instruction adaptive – and more personalized – as well. Your instructor has the ability to provide customized support based on your learning progress and opportunities. And with detailed reports on your own learning and knowledge, you are informed of your own learning needs, making interactions with your instructor more meaningful.

AIU's intellipathTM Technology

At American InterContinental University (AIU), students have the benefit of working with our proprietary adaptive learning software platform, intellipath, which is customized for our online degree program offerings. Developed by subject-matter experts, content within the system directly aligns with program objectives, maintains relevance in the industry, and allows for learning in a variety of ways. Each lesson in intellipath is carefully developed to ensure students can acquire exactly the knowledge and skills they need. And by using internal experts to develop lessons and curricula, we are able to revise our material to keep up with fast-paced changes in each program industry.

With all the challenges today's students face in balancing multiple responsibilities, learning needs to be efficient. With adaptive learning programs such as intellipath as a learning tool, along with experienced faculty and a fully interactive classroom, you can enjoy a learning experience as intentional and dynamic as you need it to be.

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