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Why Go Back to College if You’re Already a Working Professional?

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What goals and circumstances lead working professionals to decide it’s time for them to go back to college? At AIU’s recent Serious Talk webinar on returning to school, three accomplished AIU alumni with very different backgrounds and motivation share the stories behind their decisions to pursue an online business degree and why AIU was the best fit for their educational experience. Watch what they had to say in the videos below.

Eric Shawger, 2003 AIU Online MBA Graduate

Eric Shawger, who works in marketing at Baxter Healthcare, waited nearly 10 years after earning his bachelor’s degree before deciding to pursue his MBA. His daughter, who was taking undergraduate classes at AIU at the time, suggested that an online degree might be the right fit for his hectic schedule.

Dennis Quiles, 2008 AIU Online MBA Graduate

Dennis Quiles, director of global security services for McDonald’s Corporation, considered both on-campus and online school options but couldn’t see a traditional college into fitting in with the extensive travel demands of his job.

Crystal Hogue, 2012 AIU AIU Online BBA Graduate

Crystal Hogue, who runs her own non-profit organization in addition to working full time for Advocate Healthcare, says the fact that her husband had two master’s degrees and her stepdaughter also was attending college helped spur her decision to pursued a business degree, as did the desire to build a knowledge base that would help in her job and in the business she had started.

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