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The Top 10 Apps for College Students

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Mobile apps for college students are making it easier than ever to stay organized, focused and connected. With just a smartphone or tablet and a few clicks, students are able to use apps to manage their time and information, work on assignments, meet deadlines, and improve the college experience in general. Here's a closer look at the 10 essential iPhone and Android apps for college students that should be on everyone's mobile devices.

1. Evernote

Evernote is an application that makes it easier than ever to store your notes, photographs, documents, and other details you may need for class. Students regularly use it to organize the materials associated with specific courses or to retain information that will help throughout the degree experience. Features like keyword search simplify the process of finding the notes that users need to study, write papers, or quickly revisit critical information.

2. Dragon Dictation

Writing papers and responding to reading assignments takes a significant amount of time. Students that succeed and stay on top of their workload are able to make the most of breaks, their commute, and other chunks of time to get work done. With Dragon Dictation, users speak into their mobile devices and have their voice-based work captured as text that can be used as-is or later edited from a computer.

3. Study Buddy

If you're getting back in the habit of studying, the Study Buddy app can help you understand how you're doing and make improvements to your process. It's one of the most helpful iPhone apps for college students looking for help balancing their time. Study Buddy monitors how much you study, what interrupts you, when you're interrupted and for how long, and provides that data in an easy-to-access format to assist with improvements. The app also features a timer that makes it easier to set specific time limits on breaks or a general guideline on study periods.

4. Clear

To-do lists are key for managing assignments, meetings, readings, and more. Clear, an app created by RealMac software, is an intuitive list-making interface that allows users to create a master list, dedicated sub lists, and add factors such as notes and due dates for a richer list-making experience.

5. Dropbox

Having a good system in place to backup and store your documents is essential. Dropbox creates a dedicated storage space that can be accessed from any device with just a username and password. Documents can be easily shared or emailed. Storing documents in Dropbox helps ensure that files don't get lost as a result of technical or computer issues.

6. gFlashPro

Do you remember good old-fashioned flashcards that you may have used to memorize vocabulary words or historical dates back in high school? Today, apps like gFlashPro enable users to make digital flashcards to let you study on the move. Students can import information from Google Docs, embed video and audio, and other features. During any time that you have a break, simply take out your device and study the flashcards.

7. iTunesU

iTunes is familiar to most as the Apple store where you can purchase movies and music, but they also have an educational component. iTunesU is a great resource for finding lectures, videos, and study materials to complement what you're learning in class. The platform gives students access to courses offered worldwide. Even if there aren't specific materials featured from your school or courses, many students use it to find supplemental study information to deepen their understanding of specific subject matter.

8. Wolfram Alpha

Sometimes you need to do a search to get answers to your questions, and a general Google search doesn't return anything helpful. Wolfram Alpha is a reference app that curates scientific, technical, mathematical, and other resources. Using dynamically computer results, it can quickly return answers to the most challenging questions, helping save students time in sifting through irrelevant websites.

9. Numbers and Pages OR Microsoft Office Mobile

Word documents, presentations, and spreadsheets are the cornerstone of how we communicate. Students need regular access to these programs to review materials and complete class assignments. Downloading Numbers and Pages (for iPhone and iPad users) or the Microsoft Office Mobile suite (for Android users) gives you the flexibility to stay organized and work regardless of where you are.

10. Timeful

A great scheduling tool is critical for making deadlines, attending classes and keeping procrastination at bay. Timeful is an app that integrates scheduling and to-do lists into one time-management interface. It also gathers information on your routines and habits, and coaches you in real-time to find your best productivity windows and other time management habits necessary for success.

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