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Searching for Positions in the Internet Age

Searching for positions in the Internet AgeWe all know that searching for employment today can mean having a strong Wi-Fi connection and good typing skills. Most of the positions we are looking to find are stored in the datacenters of thousands of wired companies. Given this fact, it is important to know how to effectively search out and find positions because more often than not they will not be coming to you.

The first rule of thumb is to establish a good archive of sites that you will be filtering through on a regular basis. Bookmark your chosen sites and review them weekly for new positions. Many companies do not tend to post new jobs more than once a week. As far as which sites to utilize when searching for employment there are literally hundreds to choose from. For a list of some job sites to consider please see: It is good to keep in mind your industry because some positions may be found on job-specific boards as opposed to general all inclusive ones.

Search terms will greatly affect the results of what you find on any given position or industry. It is important to not just focus on the specific job title you are interested in. Instead, think about the job functions you are looking to perform. Take for example the IT industry. If you are looking for a Help Desk Technician position you will want to put in terms such as computer networking, break/fix, and technical support. You can even include your degree, i.e. Bachelor of Information Technology.

In addition to working with search engines and job boards it is also crucial to focus on the companies in your area. Create a bucket list of 5-10 companies that are within commuting distance for you and review their websites for their career or job opportunities pages. Many companies, especially smaller organizations may not post their open positions on job boards. Rather, they include them on their own sites assuming that only staff or local residents may apply. Bookmark these companies as well and review them on a weekly basis, taking just a few seconds to check them.

Professional networking sites like also offer a variety of opportunities. Not only do they include their own in-house job board, but they allow you to connect with working professionals in your area and industry. Build out your profiles on these sites to look like those of the working professionals around you. Focus on adding recommendations from past co-workers or employers as well as update your employment history and education sections to make sure everything is accurate. You can also add a picture to let employers connect with you before they have met you.

Searching for employment in the digital age can be scary and intimidating, but a click of the mouse can really help once you know what to do! Students and alumni seeking assistance with their job search should contact Career Services at 877-221-5800 ext. 15060 or To find out more about the benefits of AIU Career Services, visit the Career Services page.