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3 Tips for Effective Time Management in Your Job Search

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Whether you are currently employed or unemployed, managing your time effectively in a job search can be difficult. The effectiveness of different job hunting techniques can be influenced by different factors, such as job type, where you live, and how skilled you are at each job search activity.

It is important to take time with each step in the job search process, whether you are just getting started writing a resume for the first time or actively applying to open positions each week. Here are three tips for effective time management in your job search:

  1. Try to set a goal for yourself each week and month, and plan out what you need to accomplish each day to meet those goals. Use a daily log to track your progress with whatever job search activities you are doing. Some aspects may come easier to you than others, so make sure you allow extra time for those that are harder for you (or utilize other resources like the AIU Career Services department).
  2. Don’t waste time on strategies that are not working for you. After you have been job searching for a while, you will come to realize the things that work and things that don’t. For instance, if your resume is not reflecting your skills well it won’t help you get more responses to send out more resumes each day. Take the time to ensure your resume is marketable first. Always take the time to tailor each resume and cover letter towards the specific position you are applying to. Spend the most time utilizing job sourcing resources that you have gotten results from.
  3. Keep in mind that your activities may change as your job hunt matures. For example, when you begin, you may complete several skills assessments or other prep work, such as completing your resume and making it marketable for the positions you are seeking. Later, when prep work does not require as much time, you should spend more time in activities like following up and researching companies and the field you are looking to get into.

For more career search tips and resources, visit AIU Career Services webpage.