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How to Find a Job While in College

Image: How to Find a Job While Still in College.

You decided to further your education for a reason, whether it was to start a new career or to further the one you have. Either way, the common denominator is change. But any major transition requires foresight and planning. That’s why you need to start the job hunt before—not after—your degree is in hand.

After all, being an adult learner means you have life experience under your belt. Don’t wait to start your quest to find a job until you’re left wanting for work. Instead, consider these tips for job searching while you’re still in school.

Attend a Job Fair

You can learn a lot about the job landscape by attending a career fair. Doing so not only gives you a chance to network, it helps you prepare that all-important “elevator pitch”—that ultra-quick, encapsulating pitch meant to showcase your value-added potential to future employers.

Look into Training Programs

Some employers offer early recruiting and competitive training programs, while others roll them out later in the year. Start researching options as far ahead as possible since it takes time, effort and advance preparation to prepare your resume—never mind your interview-mindset for next steps.

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Don’t Wait For an Ad

When it comes to companies you want to work for, do your research. Know what they’re about, what they’re looking for and what the corporate culture is like. Then, don’t be afraid to apply—before (or even in the absence of) and advertised job. It’s a way to get your name out there, begin a dialogue and get a feel for what’s on the horizon before competition heats up. Consider setting up an informational interview to help get started as well.

Seek Help

Turn to your school’s Career Services department for job-search counseling. Meeting with a career coach can not only help you improve your resume and interview skills—it may also reveal opportunities for internships, jobs and co-ops you’d otherwise be unaware of. What’s more, companies sometimes post their opportunities through school recruitment offices in less formal ways, including word of mouth.

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