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AIU London Visual Communication Department Holds Career Event

Guest Article by Meghan Hooper, AIU London Visual Communication student

On April 11th, 2012, AIU London held a career event for students that are curious about life after college.

Andrew Penketh, who originally trained as a painter, spoke to students about being a freelance photographer and showed students examples of his work. From listening to him speak and viewing his work, students were shown that just because they are obtaining a degree in a specific field, it does not mean that they are going to be pigeon holed into that field forever. A degree can open up many types of doors for students to explore. Andrew is a prime example of that.

The second presenter was Sally Bell, an 2010 AIU London graduate and valedictorian. Sally now works as a graphic designer at a London graphic design company.  She told students what to expect in life after AIU,  displayed her portfolio and told students about her interview and experiences after graduation. It was very useful to hear from someone who was once in the same shoes as studnets and it gave students a better understanding of what might happen when they leave the university nest.

The final presenter was Graham Proctor, who began his career in print. Graham gave some useful advice in the less than creative side of the industry. He gave students practical advice, such as how important it is for free-lance professionals to look after themselves financially as well as with insurance to cover themselves against all sorts of unexpected incidents.

By attending this career event, students learned a lot about being a freelancer, owning a business and what to expect when they are fresh from graduation.

Photo: Sally Bell, AIU London Visual Communication Graduate, 2010.

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