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Four Resources to Help Focus Your Job Search

By Kendall Schwartz, AIU Career Services Advisor

AIU Career ServicesIf you're just beginning your job search, you may feel a little overwhelmed by all of the information and job hunting tools available. You may not even be sure where to begin.

Every position comes with a variety of qualifications and skills needed for you to be considered as an applicant. How do you find out what types of positions you may be qualified for? Here are four resources to help you get started.

AIU Career Services Resources

The AIU Career Services department offers many resources for students and graduates to use during their career search. One available tool is the Career Converter, found under the Career Services Resources tab in the AIU Virtual Campus. This tool allows you to explore different career paths based off of your degree program along with a general description of the position. You should also discuss your options with an AIU Career Services Advisor.

O*NET OnLine

O*NET OnLine is a another resource to help you explore careers based on your current skills and education. You can examine lists of career opportunities that fit the information you provide as well as any related occupations. The summary tab allows you to view detailed information on a particular occupation so that you can determine if it is a position that interests you.

Using Your Specialization in Your Job Search

Having a specialization in your degree program gives you the opportunity to learn about a specific field that interests you and may even help open doors to a new industry or specific job opportunity. The great thing about having a degree with a specialization is that by taking both general and specialized classes, you have the opportunity to explore positions based on both your specialization and your general degree.

Job Search Boards: Seeing What Is Available

There are many ways to utilize the internet to search for jobs and see what positions you are qualified for. Job search engines can be a great place to start looking at job opportunities in your area and view the requirements of each position. Instead of just using job titles within the search engines, try pulling keywords from job duties you've performed and skills that you have.

I Found a Position I’m Interested In…Now What?

When you find a position that interests you, the first thing you want to do is examine the qualifications. Start by looking at the years of experience required. If you do not have any experience and the listing states one or two years of experience is required for the position, you should consider this job since it is likely to be an entry-level position.

Next, look at the other qualifications for the position. Do you feel that you meet 80% of the qualifications, and are you interested in preforming the tasks that are being asked? If you're interested in the position and feel that you are qualified at this time, note it as one possible position you can pursue. If you do not meet the qualifications at this time, take note of this position and the qualifications that you still need in order to pursue this particular job. You will then want to look for opportunities that will help you gain the experience and skills needed for that position further down your career path.

Learn more about the resources and guidance provided by the AIU Career Services department.

Kendall Schwartz - AIU Career Services Advisor

Kendall Schwartz is a Career Services Advisor at American InterContinental University. She enjoys teaming up with AIU students and alumni to help them enhance their resumes and interviewing skills.