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How to Strengthen Your Weaknesses

AIU Career ServicesWhether you are writing your resume or interviewing for a job, it is certainly important to focus on the strengths and skills you bring to the table. However, sometimes job seekers focus only on their strengths and do little to improve their weaknesses. Here are some answers to common questions about perceived weaknesses that can help you become a stronger candidate during your job search.

"I'm not really sure how people go about getting the type of position I’m interested in. How do they get started?"

Before even getting an interview, you might not know what types of positions are available in your field. One of the easiest ways to find out is to do an informational interview with someone who is working in the field or type of position you are looking to get into. An informational interview differs from that of a regular job interview because you are not interviewing for a position, but simply learning about what steps you can take to have a successful job search. How did the employee get their foot in the door? How did they get their current job? How did they get started in the field? These are all questions you will be able to ask, and you can then apply the information you have learned to your current situation.

"I've already applied for over a hundred jobs online, but haven’t gotten any callbacks. What am I doing wrong?"

Some of the best positions are never advertised online. While the internet does provide a wealth of information, you are most likely missing out on learning about a number of other positions that are not being posted if you are only using the internet in your search. This is one of the reasons why it is so important to incorporate networking into your search. Let your friends, family, and instructors know you are job searching, and let them know what kinds of jobs you are looking for. You never know who will be able to clue you in on a job opening.

"I don't have much work experience. How do I know if the xyz field is right for me?"

Consider doing volunteer work to gain experience. Not only will you get exposure to a new field, but this will also help you build your professional network. Most volunteer programs offer flexibility and minimum time commitment, but your experience can make all the difference in deciding what direction to take your career.

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