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Tips for Standing Out During Your Job Search

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These days, when a job becomes available there can be hundreds of people applying for the position. Who's going to land that job? More likely than not, it will be the individual who stands out from the crowd. It will be the person offering their potential employer the right combination of education, experience, background, training, preparation, and education. In many cases, education, whether it includes a Bachelor’s degree in business or Master of Business Administration (MBA), is a tipping point when it comes to a job applicant's success.

Standing out from the crowd should be part of everyone's job application skills. As Eric Hellige, a career advisor at, puts it: "It's really looking at your skill set, what your career path is, where do you want to go and how do you get there."

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The good news is that standing out is something that can be learned. Skills from resume writing to personal branding can be practiced and refined over time. And once learned, the successful candidate can find themselves in front of the decision makers who are interested in knowing more about them, their background, their plans, and their education.

That's because today, education can really give people the edge when it comes to real-world skills in project management, accounting, finance, administration, and other business-related areas. Education helps give job candidates an edge with the knowledge and abilities that can help them stand apart from the competition.

Research how job candidates prepared for their job searches and interviews. You'll discover what they discovered: that when someone learns how to stand out they'll have a better chance of successfully pursuing a business career.

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