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Why You Should Attend AIU Employer Information Sessions

AIU Career ServicesThe relationships AIU Career Services builds with employers provides a unique opportunity for students and alumni to network and make connections in their field of study. But how can you benefit from these relationships? One way is through Employer Information Sessions (EIS). What are these sessions and why should you take the time to attend them?

What is an Employer Information Session?

Employer Information Sessions are a way for employers and students and alumni to easily connect and communicate via an online platform. The first part of each session is dedicated to the employer presenting a clear and informative message about their company’s career opportunities, internships, benefits and business goals. Attendees then have the chance to ask questions during the Q&A portion. Career Services hosts one to two session per month and each is typically an hour long.

How do students and alumni learn about upcoming EIS?

Students and alumni receive information about employers presenting to AIU through several channels. First, the details of the EIS are posted on the Virtual Campus homepage and in the Career Services Club in the Virtual Commons. Outside of the Virtual Campus, e-mail flyers are sent a few days before the event and the information is posted on AIU's social media outlets.

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