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What Can an MBA Do for You?

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At some point in time many individuals reach a point in their career where they begin to ponder the value of enhancing their education. There are numerous statistics and sources that have shown the numerous advantages to earning a basic or advanced education. Dry numbers and simple statistics aren’t enough to convince some of the benefits of returning to school; which makes it important to show workers applicable information regarding the benefits of more education.

The Master of Business Administration is one of those degrees whose value is often questioned. A popular choice among business professionals, there are those who no doubt question what an MBA can do for them. The simple answer for those wanting to know what an MBA can do for them is “plenty.”

Not All Degrees Are Created Equal!

While an MBA can help you for effective leadership in today’s fast-paced business world, not all of the MBA degree programs out there are the same. When examining any MBA program, make sure the program is accredited by an accrediting body, such as The Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP). ACBSP accreditation certifies that the teaching and learning processes of these programs within a business school meet rigorous educational standards. ACBSP is a leading specialized accreditation association for business education supporting, celebrating, and rewarding teaching excellence. Established in 1988, ACBSP is the only business accrediting organization for all associate, baccalaureate, and graduate degree programs.

A degree in an accredited MBA program can be the differentiator in today’s competitive job market, so be sure to ask questions about accreditation when talking to any college or university.

Security and Stability

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics released its employment and salary information for 2011 earlier this year, and yet again the value of education was laid out in simple terms.

Individuals with a Master’s degree, such as an MBA, had much lower unemployment rates and higher salaries than their counterparts with lesser degrees or no education.

Master’s degree holders had an unemployment rate of just 3.6% and earned almost twice that of those with only a high school education or Associate’s degree. Master’s degree holders also held an edge over counterparts with a Bachelor’s degree. The message is clear; a Master’s degree can provide career stability and greater financial security. Of course, everyone’s experience will differ, based on the amount of experience they hold and their geographic location.

Pursue a Career with Earning Potential

According to Yahoo! Education, the MBA provides graduates with a path to variety of positions available in the marketplace in 2012 that also provide higher earning potential over the course of an individual’s career. Medical and Health Services Managers and Accountants were listed number one and two, respectively, on Yahoo! Education’s list of hot careers in 2012. An MBA provides individuals with a path to pursue each of these careers.

It was noted that the MBA is becoming more common among health care professionals and many employers won’t hire accountants without an MBA for advanced positions. Experience and other factors are also taken into consideration.

A Career Lifeline

Not everyone’s career works out the way the envisioned when they graduated from college with a Bachelor’s degree in hand. Markets change and industries adjust, meaning some careers ebb and flow in terms of employment, salary, and potential. Those who find themselves stuck in one of these careers might find a career lifeline awaiting them in an MBA program.

Yahoo! Education ranked the MBA as the top degree for those looking for a second-act in their career. An MBA is excellent in this respect because it provides those already in the business field to improve their critical thinking skills and business knowledge to pursue management positions, if their resume includes the experience to back up their education. Additionally, an MBA can prepare some individuals to move into a new career field upon completion.

The answers are clear; there is a great deal that an MBA can do for you. Anyone with a job worries at times about their security and stability, but an MBA does more than ease those concerns. An MBA can help graduates pursue advancement in their careers or even provide a second-chance in a new and exciting career.