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The Value of an Online MBA in HRM

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The world of business management is vast, and opportunities for managers can be found in most every industry. Specializing could help put you in the exact field where your strengths and interests lie. If you have your sights set on a higher level of management, a master of business administration (MBA) could be a good place to start. For those interested in helping drive organizational success through human resources, focusing your MBA on human resources management could help take your career path in the direction you'd like to go. If the logistics of attending an on-campus program are at odds with your already-full schedule, explore the benefits of pursuing an online MBA in HRM.

What You Could Do with an MBA in HRM

While for many, the phrase "human resources" may conjure up the image of a personnel manager, human resources management is not the same occupation. The Bureau of Labor Statistics describes the role of human resources managers as planning, directing and coordinating the administrative functions of an organization. Typically needed across industries, HR managers' duties may include overseeing recruiting, interviewing, and hiring functions as well as working with top executives on strategic planning.

Why an Online MBA in HRM?

There are a number of reasons people choose to pursue their degrees at accredited online universities, but primary among them are flexibility and convenience. With online studies, you can complete your coursework on your schedule and in some cases, learn in the way that best fits your learning style, whether that be reading, listening, watching or interacting. Online students also are spared the hassle and expense of commuting but at the same time, can connect with students and faculty from around the world. Today's online learning technology is also becoming more advanced and personalized, with some programs built around adaptive learning platforms that let students skip over what they already know and focus on what they need to learn.

MBA in Human Resources Management Courses

A number of programs across the country offer an online MBA in HRM. In researching these programs, you can expect curricula to be similar to some degree but with some significant variation. Examples of courses you might find in a master's program in human resources management include:

  • Ethics and management
  • Recruiting and retention management
  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Human resources management
  • Human resource staffing
  • Business law
  • Corporate finance
  • Training
  • Management consulting
  • Occupational safety
  • Negotiation and interviewing

While courses vary, the gist of any program is to blend graduate-level management training with human resource management at the senior level. Such a degree is designed to deliver a thorough knowledge of business practices along with high-level skills in recruiting, hiring, retaining and terminating employees.

If an MBA with a human resources specialization sounds like an appealing niche and you want to pursue your studies online, find a program that meets your goals and needs and start the application process. There is no beginning if you don't take those first critical steps.

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