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AIU Atlanta Participates in the Atlanta Partners for Education's "Project for a Day"

Guest article by Christina Bowers, IE and Communications Coordinator at AIU

On October 23, members of AIU Atlanta’s staff joined forces with the Atlanta Partners For Education (APFE), the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce, and the Atlanta Public School System to participate in “Project for a Day”. The AIU Atlanta group, who AIU Atlanta President Peter C. Correa nicknamed “The Magnificent Seven,” was assigned to Sara Smith Elementary School.

The “Project for a Day” initiative provides an opportunity for businesses in the community to volunteer their time in the Metro Atlanta public schools for a day. APFE believes that when the community is actively involved in the school system, the overall educational experience of students will be enhanced. APFE has partnerships with over 100 Atlanta Public schools, serves more than 50,000 students, and has over 400 community partnerships.

At Sara Smith Elementary School, “The Magnificent Seven” had the pleasure of working with 215 third grade students. Their project was The Net Weaving Project, which teaches students how to properly introduce themselves to their peers and what it means to be friendly. The overall goal of the project was to teach the students how to make new friends, to always be friendly to everyone, and to bring an end to bullying. After the project was completed, an awards luncheon was held for all of the volunteers at the Omni Hotel.

President Correa says, “I hereby salute our Magnificent Seven for participating in this event and for using their yearly Volunteer Day to support such a worthy cause. A cause consistent with our goal of enhancing lives through education…one student at a time.”

Pictured from Left to Right: AIU Atlanta’s Program Chair Dr. James Williams, Employer Development Manager Dr. Rhonda Anderson, Retention Advisor Carla Frazier, Vice President of Student Affairs Janis Henry, Career Services Manager Amy Mitchell, Accounting Clerk Pat Erdelyi, and Business Operations Manager Myla Wilson.