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How to Tell if a School is Serious about Education

If you’re having trouble choosing a school, it’s important to focus the search on your priorities. Find out which schools are serious about education and a good fit for you by following these tips:

Look for Industry-Focused Degree Programs

While all types of degree programs can be educational, there are some that focus highly on preparing students for industry-specific opportunities. Schools like these strive to equip students with the practical skills they need to pursue a profession. Look for degree programs that teach real-world lessons in your industry and focus on building your professional skill set.

Examine Resources

Search each school’s website for degree-related resources. What options do they advertise for their students? Do they offer an authoritative voice in both the educational and degree-specific industries? Look for blogs, career services tips, professional connections, publications, and other resources that build credibility.

Talk to Instructors

Contacting instructors within your program of interest can tell you a lot about a school. You can find out the program’s specialties, the school’s attitude toward education, and the teaching techniques of the instructors. You also might discover networking opportunities by asking instructors about their professional experience.

Don’t forget to talk to the admissions and career services departments at your school of interest. They can give you general information about the school and professional opportunities that may be pursued with a degree.

If you’d like to find out more about a school focused on professional development, check out AIU’s degree programs.

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