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Top 10 Reasons to Earn a Bachelor of Business Administration

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As thousands of students head off to colleges and universities each fall they face a number of challenging choices. Some of these decisions are not life altering, such as which courses fit best in their schedule or what part time job to apply for to earn spending cash. Other decisions are going to have a lasting impact, such as what college degree to pursue.

In deciding what degree is best, students need guidance to help them determine which degree will best serve them in the future. For those considering a business degree, the following are ten of reasons to consider a Bachelor of Business Administration.

All-Around Education

A BBA program offers students a taste of various factors of business operations, although some programs offer specializations within certain fields of study. With courses in management, finance, accounting, and marketing, BBA grads bring multiple areas of knowledge and critical thinking abilities to the table.

Employers Want Business Administration Grads

Yahoo! Education points out that employers are looking for graduates in 2012 with a business administration degree. In fact, a business administration degree ranked number one on the list of five degrees that employers are looking for. Citing the “Jobs Outlook 2012” from the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), Yahoo! Education found that 48.5% of employers are looking to hire business administration graduates.

Flexible for Adult Students

For those who got it wrong with their first college degree, or need to expand upon an earlier education, a business administration degree ranks high for flexibility. According to Yahoo! Education, business administration degrees, coupled with the proper work experience, can offer adult students a possible route to management by honing their business skills and allowing them to strengthen their resume by combining work experience with added education.


The Bachelor of Business Administration has recently been identified as one of the most versatile degrees a student can earn. Susan Heathfield, a management consultant, points out that employers prefer the solid fundamentals of business and all around perspective provided to students, but emphasizes that students should include courses in accounting and finance to make themselves particularly attractive in the marketplace.


Yahoo! Education still ranks business as the top area of study for students looking for added value upon graduation. Business degrees, such as a business administration program, ranked number one for return on investment in the form of higher salaries in the marketplace. Positions in finance, accounting, and international business have particularly high entry-level median incomes. Of course, every person’s experience will vary based on their geographic location, amount of experience and other factors.

Earn it Online

A Bachelor of Business Administration can be earned online while on the go in a current career. Yahoo! Education highlights the benefits of earning a BBA online as providing students with dual benefits. Not only can it be done with a busy work schedule, completing it on the go on laptops and mobile devices provides students with additional experience on high tech devices that are used heavily in business in the 21st century.

Reach for Your Career Potential

Those already employed in a role in the business field can use a Bachelor of Business Administration to hone their skills and increase their attractiveness to employers when the time for advancement arrives. The all-around approach of BBA programs can help graduates pursue a variety of positions such as Budget Analyst.

Variety Awaits

Yahoo! Education ranked a Bachelor of Business Administration as the top degree on a list of the five degrees that offer a variety of career options for graduates. BBA programs offer students real-world skills and teach students how to plan, organize, and direct organizational activities.

Prepare for a Role in Expanding Industries

Business related degrees, and in some cases business administration degrees specifically, help prepare graduates for careers in some of the economy’s expanding industries. Careers such as positions in health care administration and financial analysis can be pursued by graduates with a BBA in hand.

Reach the Top

According the [United States Bureau of Labor Statistics], a business administration degree is the foundation for the majority of individuals who eventually reach the highest positions in business. Many of the top executives at corporations around the world hold a Bachelor of Business Administration. Advanced education and many years of work experience will likely be necessary, but a BBA is where many start their journey.