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Why Get an Online MBA? AIU Alumnus Ty Manns’ Story

Image: Find out how getting an online MBA helped Terrence “Ty” Manns further his journey on a new career path.
When Terrence “Ty” Manns (AIU Online MBA in Operations Management, 2006) retired from the United States Army after 23 years of active service, he immediately embarked on a whole new career path that would challenge his many talents.

By 2005, Ty was running a division as interim division head after his boss left for another company. After 18 months as “interim” and winning the company’s largest single military contract ($125 million) in over 100 years in business, he asked for the “permanent” title and was told he could not get the job because he didn’t have an MBA. That year he started to search for a program and discovered AIU.

“One year later I walked in with my diploma (and another $60 million of new business) and was told I could have the position, but would have to accept a lower salary (basically the salary I was making at the time) because I just received my MBA,” Ty said. “So after nearly 30 months and $185 million in new business (as the interim, underpaid leader), I took my newly earned MBA to the market and earned my first VP job and doubled my salary! Thanks to AIU.”

Like many successful people, Ty believes in giving back. He is the founder of SAVE1000™, an organ donor program focused on increasing organ donations within the minority community, and also serves as director of the Organ Donor Ministry at New Birth Outreach Church in Columbus, GA. Plus, he’s a volunteer film lecturer at Columbus State University.

Currently, Ty is the Managing Director of TAG, a leading manufacturer of tactical nylon products for the Department of Defense personnel, and is responsible for the operations and management of a $30 million business unit. His daily responsibilities include overseeing product development, manufacturing, business development, growth and sales.

“What’s great about running TAG is helping America’s military men and women. TAG is the leading manufacturer of tactical nylon products for the Department of Defense personnel, specifically the United States Special Forces. Every day, my company does something to help a soldier, airmen, marine, or seaman execute and achieve mission success. We often hear about our products from the users in the military, a parent, spouse or child that one of our products actually helped save a life. Nothing is more satisfying or gratifying.”

Ty’s busy schedule also includes his position as the CEO of CME Independent Films, where he oversees the management of a growing independent film company. Ty writes and directs CME film projects while overseeing project development, all phases of production, distribution negotiations, and cast and crew approval.

Ty is an incredible example of someone who can identify a goal or quest and make a personal and professional commitment to see that his wishes and dreams are fulfilled.

Reported March 2013 - AIU cannot guarantee employment or salary.