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Jobs for a Graduate with a Bachelor’s in Information Technology

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Business and computer sciences have become inextricably linked in our 21st century economy. Organizations large and small rely on computer systems to operate more efficiently and effectively. The field of Information Technology (IT) has become pervasive in all aspects of business from managing payrolls to tracking customer orders. As businesses continue to integrate computer systems into their core routines, there is an increasing need for individuals who know how to work with these systems.

Graduates with a Bachelor’s in Information Technology may find numerous types of jobs they can pursue upon completion of a degree program. There is a need for IT professionals in a number of areas within the field of business. The following are just a few of the types of IT jobs available. It is important to remember that no two individuals will be suitable for all the jobs listed below.

Computer Support Specialists

Individuals in this role have the responsibility of assisting others when they have issues with computer software and hardware. Computer Support Specialists are employed in numerous sectors of the economy due to the prevalence of computer systems. Positions as a support specialist exist in education, finance, and health care, to name a few. A Bachelor’s in Information Technology can provide a helpful boost for those looking at this position, though lower-level degrees may also open the door to this career field.

Web Software Developer

Those with a keen knowledge of the internet and software development could find a rewarding career as a Web Software Developer. These individuals are responsible for creating, implementing, and in some cases maintaining software designed for use over the web. It is important to note that many employers look for individuals with experience in addition to a Bachelor’s degree when hiring for this position.

Web Security Administrator

With all the focus on computer systems and networks in today’s world, criminals have adjusted and often hunt new targets online. Web Security Administrators are responsible for ensuring businesses remain compliant with industry regulations and work to deter intrusion attempts on company networks. Those who are technically gifted and ever watchful are particularly well-suited for these positions. A Bachelor’s in Information Technology is often a requirement for entry-level security administration positions. []

IT Auditor

No system in the world is perfect. Companies are not immune from installing and operating computer systems and networks that do too little or too much for their needs. It is the job of an IT Auditor to monitor computer networks and systems to ensure they are performing the tasks they have been installed to perform. An important note for this career, some employers look for individuals with dual majors or dual emphasis in both accounting and IT.

The field of IT continues to grow as more and more companies take their operations digital. Most companies either need to have their systems upgraded or implemented for the first time. According to, there are a number of IT positions in 2012 that usually draw competitive starting pay for those individuals with only a Bachelor’s degree. Three of those jobs, IT Auditor, Web Security Administrator, and Web Software Developer, are in the field of IT.

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