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Jobs for Bachelor in Marketing Graduates

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Some individuals have a mind for numbers and math, or science and analytics. On the other hand, there are those individuals who are adept at dealing with and analyzing other people. Marketing specialists not only have a knack for marketing a product to the right segment of the market, they also have a knack for analyzing segments of the population to determine the proper target market to aim promotional campaigns toward.

Students graduating from college don’t always think ahead to consider the jobs that they can pursue based upon their degree. Those who pursue business-related degrees, such as a Bachelor’s in Marketing, may find that a variety of positions in different fields of business are open to them. Since everyone’s experience is different, it is important to keep in mind that not everyone’s marketing education will make them eligible for all of these positions. According to career advice, some examples of jobs available with Bachelors in Marketing degree include:

Digital Media Strategist

As the economy begins a slow-motion recovery from the recent recession, marketing jobs are making a comeback. Budgets for marketing departments remain slim though, and digital media marketing is becoming more important as a result. Digital Media Strategists need to have a keen grasp on Internet-based marketing and be able to convince those with a lack of belief in Internet marketing of the value of this increasingly important digital media.

Social Media Coordinator

According to, this is one of the marketing positions among those listed as the hottest marketing jobs in the 2010s. In addition to Digital Media Strategists, Social Media Coordinators represent brands on a wide array of social media channels. It is the role of a Social Media Coordinator to monitor and analyze chatter on sites like Facebook and Twitter that revolve around their company brand. On top of monitoring activity, coordinators are responsible for making posts to help promote the brand.

Market Research Analyst

The greatest product in the world is useless unless a company knows how to market it, and who to focus its marketing on. Market Research Analysts track market conditions in local, regional, and national arenas to determine the market for a given product or service. Individuals in this position need a strong analytical mind and should be good in mathematics. A Bachelor’s in Marketing is a good starting point, but it is worth noting that some companies might prefer a graduate with a degree in statistics, mathematics, or computer science.

Event Marketers

According to, companies are increasingly looking for individuals with experience as Event Marketers to bring a new angle on marketing to young minds overexposed to brands in the digital world. Event Marketers are viewed, by many companies, as possessing the skills to make their campaigns and projects stick out from the rest with flair and pop.

One thing seems certain in the marketing industry; the slow pace of economic recovery has left companies wondering if businesses and consumers are willing to spend money.