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What is a Bachelor’s in Information Technology?

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The Internet and computer network systems play an integral role in business in the 21st centuries. Companies use these technologies to efficiently and effectively run their operations, and the more integrated the world becomes through technology, the greater reach a company can have in the global economy. All of this technology is more complicated than the average Wi-Fi network and laptop that most families have in their home. Qualified individuals are needed to work with these systems. Work in the field of Information Technology (IT) includes assessing a company’s network needs, installing systems, managing systems, and maintaining systems.

A Bachelor’s in Information Technology is one way for students to prepare themselves for a career in the field of IT. The field of IT is tricky because it is possible to land entry-level work with lower level degrees such as certificate programs and Associate’s degrees, but a Bachelor’s degree can open up more job opportunities and may put graduates in a position for advancement.

There are a number of factors to keep in mind when considering a Bachelor’s in Information Technology. An IT degree itself is not perfect for everyone, and the varying types of programs available will fit certain individuals better than others. The following factors are worth noting when making a decision about a Bachelor’s in Information Technology.

Where to Start

Before filling out an enrollment application to any IT degree program, it is important for students to investigate any institution. Things to consider when looking into a degree program include the reputation of the institution as a whole, and the school within the institution that offers the program. Other factors to look for include cost of the program and graduation statistics for future and past graduates.

Where to Attend

Many Information Technology degree programs are available online. However, there are still plenty of schools offering on-campus IT programs as well. Online programs can take less time to complete, or more depending on how much time students can devote to school. Online schools have the benefit of flexible class schedules that allow students to keep working and supporting their families. On-campus programs provide solid, all-around degree programs with a chance to interact with fellow students and professors.

What to Expect

Information Technology related degrees will require students to complete a number of mathematics, statistics, and computer science based coursework. Most degree programs take an average of four years to complete. On-campus programs require students to complete liberal arts programs before enrolling in a specialized degree programs. Online programs may take less time to complete, again depending on how much time a student can devote to the program.

Examples of coursework students can take include database design and implementation, installing network systems, maintaining network security, mathematics, logic, and coding.

As computer and network systems become more and more integral to the success of businesses and the economy, more and more individuals will be needed to analyze, manage, and maintain these systems. As an example, [Yahoo! Education] recently polled human resources experts to gauge the degrees most in demand right now among businesses. A Bachelor of Computer Science, an IT based degree, was the #5 pick among those HR experts polled.

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