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What is a Bachelor’s in Marketing?

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No business is going to be successful unless it can get its message, product, or service out to potential customers. Without advertising and marketing customers would find it difficult to discover the products and services they want and need. Each business needs employees with a creative mind capable of developing marketing plans and advertising campaigns that will get the businesses message out to potential customers.

Not everyone is cut out for a career in marketing. Individuals who are successful in marketing possess both a creative mind capable of developing plans from the ground up, and have the analytical skills to help identify target markets for the products and services of a given business [].Everyone’s experience is different, but generally a Bachelor’s in Marketing provides individuals with a well-rounded education that allows them to refine their raw skills in marketing that can help them succeed in the world of business.

Where to Start

Students considering a Bachelor’s in Marketing need to know where to start before just applying to any program. Marketing programs, by and large, are housed within the business school of most colleges and universities. When choosing a school and a program, keep in mind factors such as the reputation of the school, cost of the program, and graduate assistance efforts.

What to Expect

A Bachelor’s in Marketing is an undergraduate degree that will take most individuals four to five years to complete. Students will be expected to first complete two years, or a specified number of credit hours, of liberal arts studies in courses such as mathematics, science, and social sciences. Once enrolled in a marketing program, students will take course work including business writing, media and advertising, and marketing theory.

Online vs. On-campus

Like many 21st century degree programs, it is possible to find Bachelor’s in Marketing programs that are offered entirely online. Students often have the choice of attending either online programs or on-campus programs and the decision, for most, will come down to which program best meets their education needs. On-campus programs may offer a more traditional college lifestyle and the chance to interact with professors and fellow students in person.

Online programs continue to gain credibility, though it is important to carefully investigate any potential program before applying to ensure it meets educational standards. For those returning to school from the workforce or with families to support, online programs offer greater flexibility with night and weekend coursework and no need to physically attend classes in many cases.

Marketing is expected to grow as fast as average and some subfields have competitive pay. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a Bachelor’s in Marketing helps prepare graduates for an exciting career in the fields of advertising, promotions, and marketing management for those with experience. Working in advertising, marketing, or promotions can put individuals in the position of developing plans to help companies connect with potential customers. Marketing has been, and will continue to be, a vital tool for any business.