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What to Consider before Pursuing a Bachelor’s in Information Technology

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We all use computers on a daily basis. Many homes in America have numerous high tech devices connected to the Internet. Smartphone’s, laptops, desktops, and tablets have come to dominate the American home, but these devices don’t always run smoothly. As individuals and businesses adopt more and more of this technology, there is an increasing need for individuals skilled at working with, repairing, and maintaining these devices.

Those who are technically savvy should consider enrolling in a Bachelor’s in Information Technology program to enhance their education and help open the door to exciting jobs in the field of IT. Before taking the leap however, there are a few factors that individuals should consider regarding the degree program and the greater field of IT.

Do you have the Skills to Succeed?

There is a big difference between being able to surf the web, launch Microsoft Word, or play Solitaire on your computer, and being able to install, manage, and repair computer systems and networks. Those considering a career in IT need to make sure they possess some of the important skills of successful Bachelor’s in Information Technology graduates.

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the following are some of the most important skills for a variety of IT jobs:

  • Analytical skills: needed to understand complex computer codes
  • Concentration: necessary for working long hours at a computer writing lines of code
  • Detail-oriented: needed to avoid small mistakes in a line of code that can become big headaches
  • Creativity: helpful for problem-solving
  • Communication: needed as IT professionals go between IT and management to ensure needs is met.
Is IT the Right Field for You?

Aside from the proper skills to succeed in working with computer systems and networks, individuals have to possess the right personality to succeed as well. Some careers are not suitable for introverts, while there are others where extroverts will struggle to succeed. According to Yahoo education, there are positions in IT for both extroverts and introverts.

Working as a Computer Programmer can often be perfect for introverts. Programmers spend the majority of their day working alone with their computer, searching through code libraries, writing code for software, and testing computer programs. A Computer Support Specialist on the other hand is a position well-suited for extroverts. Support Specialists shouldn’t be afraid of talking to others and dealing with frustrated individuals as they help solve problems for businesses and individuals alike.

Is there Value in an IT Degree?

Computers have been in homes for well over a decade now, and more and more businesses are adopting computers and networks to more efficiently and effectively operate. As technology advances, we get new Smartphone’s and tablets that further increase dependence upon technology.

Those considering a Bachelor’s in Information Technology can find a wide variety of job types waiting for them upon graduation, if they are well-suited for such a degree program. Before enrolling in any program, all individuals should consider the above factors and match them up with their abilities and desires.

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