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What Can You Do with a Marketing Degree?

Image: What Can You Do with a Marketing Degree

Businesses of all kinds need to market their products and services in order to grow, so a marketing degree is one of the most practical and versatile degrees to earn. But what can you do with a marketing degree?

A degree in marketing can unlock the door to several exciting career paths for those just entering the workforce or those who are transitioning careers. Consider that marketing professionals are needed in almost every industry, so careers with a marketing degree can be quite diverse. These are just a few common jobs you can pursue:

  • Account Executive: Advertising agencies, media companies and major corporations employ account executives to work directly with clients on media, advertising and promotion campaigns. This is commonly an entry-level or mid-level position. It's an exciting career path, allowing you to work with interesting companies, grow your network and hone your ability to manage clients, budgets and project milestones from beginning to end. Your primary responsibility here is client satisfaction and customer service.
  • Public Relations Specialist: Ever wonder how that infamous celebrity who's always in the news seems to bounce back from a snafu? In a phrase: Public relations. A public relations specialist works with a company or personality to create press releases and manage their public persona and image. This career path is great for someone who is social, doesn't mind working long hours and enjoys attending functions. You should enjoy writing and have at least a bachelor's degree to start.
  • Sales Manager: To become a sales manager, most likely you'll start as a sales representative first. Sales managers set sales goals and oversee sales. They have a head for business, accounting and strategy and are great in managing a team, which is a large part of the job. They work in almost every industry, making this position a versatile and lucrative one to consider.
  • Marketing Manager: A career as a marketing manager combines both creativity and critical business skills. Marketing managers usually have a bachelor's degree and prior experience in advertising, promotions or sales. Their primary duty is to determine current trends for products and services and determine the best market for them. They work with sales, finance and advertising identifying consumer needs, developing products or services and overseeing ad campaigns.
  • Promotions and Advertising Manager: Dream of working on a big advertising project for a top company or advertising agency? That's what advertising and promotions managers do, and you'll need a bachelor's degree to get in the door. You can work with art directors, sales teams and clients to create advertisting campaigns to spark interest for a product or service. If you're a great writer, creative and good with people and quick deadlines, this might be a great path for you.
  • Marketing Research Analyst: Marketing research analysts are always in demand in almost every industry, and employment of these professionals is expected to grow 32% through 2022, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. They are responsible for analyzing potential products and services and pinpointing consumer trends. A strong foundation in math and statistics is essential to this position. If you possess analytical skills, excellent critical thinking skills and are detail oriented, this is a good position to consider. Of note, many in this position have a master's degree in marketing.

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