Career Resources

Developing your career, experience and education is a lifelong process. Our Career Resources section offers a wealth of practical tips and information that can help your career development.

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    AIU Career Guide

    Download the AIU Career Guide to learn which degrees you can pursue in your field of interest.

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    AIU Career Services provides students and alumni with opportunities for career development, from networking events to career fairs.

  • Image: Interview Preparation Tips and Advice

    Interview Prep

    Whether it's by phone or on-site, we'll give you the tips to help build your confidence for your next interview.

  • Image: Professional Networking Tips and Advice


    Networking with people in your industry is the best way to find a job. We'll give you some tips to help you get started.

  • Image: Salary Negotiation Tips

    Salary Negotiation Tips

    You have landed a job offer. Congratulations! Now you'll need to negotiate your salary and benefits.