Career Resources

Developing your career, experience and education is a lifelong process. Our Career Resources section offers a wealth of practical tips and information that can help your career development.

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    AIU Career Guide

    Download the AIU Career Guide to learn which degrees you can pursue in your field of interest.

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    IT Career Guide

    IT has become one of the most critical career fields in the 21st century economy. Learn about the different areas of specialization and how to position yourself for success in this dynamic field.

  • Image: Career Development and Networking Events


    AIU Career Services provides students and alumni with opportunities for career development, from networking events to career fairs.

  • Image: Interview Preparation Tips and Advice

    Interview Prep

    Whether it's by phone or on-site, we'll give you the tips to help build your confidence for your next interview.

  • Image: Professional Networking Tips and Advice


    Networking with people in your industry is the best way to find a job. We'll give you some tips to help you get started.

  • Image: Salary Negotiation Tips

    Salary Negotiation Tips

    You have landed a job offer. Congratulations! Now you'll need to negotiate your salary and benefits.