The Program in Depth

Successful completion of AIU’s Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Marketing and Design with a specialization in Fashion Design can help students develop the aesthetic and learn to use fashion design elements such as balance and proportion to create strong, relevant fashion designs.

You Can Learn How to:

  • Demonstrate how to apply the skills and tools of fashion to design and marketing projects creatively and confidently
  • Create original fashion designs either by hand or with computer-aided design software, which demonstrate creativity with design elements
  • Work effectively, both independently and collaboratively, setting goals and employing good project management skills, in relation to fashion design and marketing
  • Demonstrate knowledge of contemporary fashion and key theoretical issues relevant to fashion and at the forefront of the discipline.
  • Analyze fashion trends, consumer needs and preferences that are used to forecast, plan, develop and promote clothing lines
  • Engage in sustained problem solving, decision making and creative thinking necessary to the fashion process, generating and presenting ideas, concepts, solutions and arguments
  • Confidently and professionally communicate ideas verbally, visually and through text and be able to promote your work professionally in the contemporary fashion marketplace
  • Critically evaluate and articulate your understanding of your own and others' work and be able to devise and sustain a reasoned argument in relation to contemporary fashion

Some Courses You'll Take

At AIU, more of the courses you take are devoted to your field of interest, on average, than at other similar schools. For a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Marketing and Design with a specialization in Fashion Design, your classes can include:

  • Fashion Portfolio I

    Fashion Portfolio I introduces you, as potential fashion designers, to the concepts, techniques and uses of various media that will enable you to comm...

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  • Fashion Trends

    In Fashion Trends you will look at how they arise by considering macro business environmental drivers as well as social and cultural influences. You w...

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  • Womenswear II

    In Womenswear II you will build, expand on and apply technical, theoretical and design skills and knowledge from 3D Form I to III (also Textiles for F...

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Course content subject to change

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4 out of 5

employers of AIU graduates say they are likely to hire another AIU business graduate. 1

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1 2013 AIU Employer Experience Research. Conducted by Breakthrough Insights, Naperville, IL

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