The Program in Depth

Successful completion of AIU’s Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Marketing and Design with a specialization in Fashion Marketing can help students learn the variety of functions and steps associated with getting fashion designs to the consumer.

You Can Learn How to:

  • Study the fashion industry, its products, markets, how consumer needs and characteristics affect areas such as production, management, sourcing, marketing and merchandising
  • Evaluate the quality of design, materials and construction techniques that are used in commercially produced and hand-made textiles, apparel and accessories
  • Present and promote design and marketing concepts
  • Apply design and marketing skills to exploring material and developing ideas.
  • Generate concepts, proposals, solutions and arguments in response to design and marketing problems and self-initiated briefs
  • Analyze and interpret trend and market information toward the creation of design ideas

Some Courses You'll Take

At AIU, more of the courses you take are devoted to your field of interest, on average, than at other similar schools. For a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Marketing and Design with a specialization in Fashion Marketing, your classes can include:

Fashion Buying

Fashion Buying presents buying practices and techniques, with an examination of consumer buying power, major market resources, governmental regulation...

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Fashion Branding

In Fashion Branding you will explore contemporary fashion brands and examine the strategies they use to create a unique personality, generate appeal a...

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CAD for Fashion Marketing

CAD for Fashion Marketing reinforces the application of creative software (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.), to advance students’ fashion presentations, ...

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Course content subject to change

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What do employers say about AIU graduates?

4 out of 5

employers of AIU graduates say AIU graduates show leadership skills. 1

9 out of 10

employers feel AIU graduates are strong problem solvers. 1

4 out of 5

employers of AIU graduates say they are likely to hire another AIU business graduate. 1

1 2013 AIU Employer Experience Research. Conducted by Breakthrough Insights, Naperville, IL

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