AIU Infographics

  • A Weekly Study Plan for Students

    We’ve created this sample study schedule for you to use as the foundation to create your own weekly plan of attack for each component of your coursework.

  • Infographic: Finance Job Trends

    The Top 10 Most Unusual Places Online Students Study

    Online education offers the flexibility to study anytime, anywhere, and AIU Online students take full advantage of this opportunity. We asked them to share with us the most unusual places where they’ve spent time on their coursework.

  • Infographic: Finance Job Trends

    What's in an Online Classroom?

    AIU’s online classroom offers a dynamic, interactive experience that lets you learn how you learn best. Explore the different components to discover how students learn and interact with each other, course material and professors.

  • Infographic: Finance Job Trends

    How does AIU's intellipath™ Work?

    AIU's adaptive learning platform intellipath™, lets you skip over what you already know and focus on what you need to learn, with your professor there to best support you where you need it. Find out how it works and why it’s a helpful component in the online classroom.

  • Infographic Thumbnail: Evolution of the MBA Thumbnail

    The Evolution of the MBA

    Explore the evolution of the MBA and how changes in course content and delivery have affected the way students obtain their advanced degrees.

  • Infographic Thumbnail: 12 Facts You May Not Know About Earning a Business Degree

    12 Facts You Didn't Know About Earning a Business Degree

    A business degree may be the key to taking the next step in your career. Here are some facts you may not have known about earning a degree in business.

  • Employer Tuition Assistance Programs

    Employer Tuition Assistance Programs

    Many employers believe education for their employees is a worthwhile investment. Learn how employer tuition assistance programs can help you pay for college.