Blended Learning

At AIU we understand that it's hard work finding the time to work hard. We believe in providing an education that can fit into your current schedule without disrupting your job, lifestyle, family and other responsibilities. Many AIU programs offer you the freedom to combine traditional classes on campus with courses online. For many students, this method of learning provides the best of both worlds.

With blended learning at AIU, students can tackle their studies in a way that closely approximates the modern workplace:

  • Face to face interaction with team members on campus.
  • Catch up on email and discussion boards at home.
  • Review projects on your laptop while traveling.
  • Participate in chat sessions with team members on weekends.

To help you decide whether a blended learning experience is the right course for you, we will give you a comprehensive list of courses available online and at one of our campuses.

Students benefit from blended learning by crafting valuable multitasking skills as they incorporate advanced technology into real-world interactions. By engaging in AIU's specialized brand of blended learning, students can draw on even more resources while pursuing their academic and professional goals.