Learning Labs

The Learning Labs are intended to provide students with guidance, resources and foundational information in various fields of study. Designed to support all programs and available to all students, the full-service labs are facilitated by faculty members who are experienced in the subject matter. The Labs offer supplemental instruction to help students learn more about a specific field of study and acquire skills that can be applied in courses. Below are several examples of the Core Learning Lab options available to all students.

  • Fundamentals of Academic Writing: Provides reviews on basic concepts and tools that will help you improve your undergraduate college-level writing skills.
  • Fundamentals of APA Formatting and Style: Provides guidance on how and why to use APA in the composition of college papers.
  • Fundamentals of College Algebra: Provides information on equations, graphs, functions and other related college-level math topics.
  • Fundamentals of Microsoft Excel: Provides guidance and examples on how to use the functions associated with Excel.
  • Fundamentals of Microsoft PowerPoint: Provides guidance and examples on how to use the functions associated with PowerPoint.
  • Fundamentals of Statistics: Provides opportunities for you to build your own skills regarding basic statistics.

We encourage you to visit the Student Portal of the campus you attend (Houston, Atlanta or Online) to see what other services are available to help you achieve your academic and professional goals.